Grid not responsive / Using a grid for secondary navigation

Hi everyone,

I’m building a new home page for a client whose current site is using depreciated code, but one goal is to maintain a secondary “Portal” navigation like on the current site.

Using a Grid, I built the 5 portal buttons in Webflow, but they aren’t resizing as I move to smaller resolutions. Several posts detail changing different aspects of the grid, but each attempt results in a different non-functional result. Linked below is the Read Only version of the site as well as a link to my client’s current non-webflow site.

One option I am considering is keeping the text from Webflow but designing the backgrounds with updated graphics. Would this perhaps be a better or more functional way to achieve a cleaner version of the current site.

I appreciate any help or suggestions as to how to achieve the best result. My experience with web design isn’t comprehensive, but I am learning Webflow in as much detail as possible as I build out this new site.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of PA Template Test

Current site: