Grid issues on my mobile version


I’m learning Webflow, and I’m attempting to fix an issue that appears only on my mobile version. I’ve created a grid for the “We do” section. Everything worked just fine on the web version, but on the mobile version, it appears like this:

When I navigate to the design section in Webflow, I can’t identify where the issue is coming from since everything seems normal.

Thank you in advance for your time with this!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Prism

On mobile view you can change the grid settings to more common like below:

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thanks @mkukulka ! :slight_smile: it’s better but still positioning weirdly on the mobile version.

it should be like this :

any idea ? thanks

I checked it on my desktop and the tabs seem to work fine.
Please see the video: 26.11.2023_22.01.00_REC

But on my iPhone 13 Mini, this element still has some problems. Difficult to solve. I will try to find a solution tomorrow.

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Hey @mkukulka, hope you’re doing great. Thank you, I really appreciate your time! I have an iPhone 13 Pro, and it doesn’t charge properly on Safari or Google Chrome.

I was able to resolve my own issue later by changing my divs to set pixels instead of percentages. Hopefully, this might help someone who has similar layout issues.