Grid images misaligned on mobile only

The images on my main/index blog page/grid “Insight” are misaligned to the right on the mobile view only.

I can see the headings are properly aligned, with 20px padding left/right. However, the images just above the headings are correctly aligned to the left but display at a shorter width, creating a wider padding on the left. They are set to display at 100% and they look fine on webflow but not when published. See Insight

Any suggestions/ recommendations would be much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi @marcelo_spinelli :wave:
Just remove Max Width for Collection List 5 and Collection Item 9 elements:

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Hi @bro-design ,

Thank you for that - but while it does work for a single post, when I add other posts they no longer display as 3 in a row (on desktop) but as a single column, so it won’t work. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

Enable in CMS other Blog posts for we can see what about you say

@bro-design - just discovered someone else had removed the columns as only one post was going to go live for now! So your solution works perfectly. Thank you very much.