Great Site, Horrible Responsiveness (please Help)

Hi, new goofball here. I have a lot of experience in design, unfortunately very late to the web game (yes I’ve been sleeping under a rock).

Anyways I recently built a killer site, unfortunately, I’m totally lost when it comes to the responsiveness part. I’ve formatted the site with tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait scale in mind. Basically, I make adjustments and view them in the full viewer (eye button) and it looks stellar. Then, I publish the site, check it out on my mobile phone and it looks super wonky and nothing like what I saw earlier in my editor. I’m getting really frustrated. I would really appreciate any help from you fine people. Please help me, I’ll be your friend. (See attachments)



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Is it just the navbar you are having issues with? what would you like to fix? The idea of a container is to have everything respond within it. so when you get under desktop size that is the max. You don’t need to use margins on it. If you want to adjust the elements within it. You can use padding on the container element. Happy to help. But not sure what you are trying to fix.



that’s definitely helpful. I’m sure I very naively put margins in formats I was not supposed to. I’ll adjust it now and see what happens and let you know.

What I’m noticing in particular in less than desktop sizing is dead space to the right of the viewer causing a user to have to scroll horizontally to see the rest of the content as opposed to the content being fit to the screen if that makes sense. I included a picture to clarify, It’s the same picture in the original post but hopefully, the context makes it a little more clear.



Hi Jeremy,

I think the nav bar is creating the dead space I’m referring to. I made some margin adjustments with the container but still I get the awkward dead space. It’s incredible noticeable on a mobile device on the RETROSPEKT page. But the site seems to work perfectly on the ABOUT page. Very strange…

Usually the problem you have has to do with the width of the sections or content. Try putting 100% or 100 VW view width on all the sections.

If you have interactions that come from the side of the page you may have to also use overflow hidden.

I find it on mobile mostly and you can tell which section is causing it by scrolling down and see what is hanging.


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