Gradient Background Color


I would like to know how I can change my normal background color to a gradient background color with custom code?

Reason: Now I have a gradient background with with the webflow option “Image & gradient”.
But this is just an overlay and when I scroll down it loads not fast enough and my site is flickering.
(You will see a white flickering when normal background color is set to “transparent” or “white” or a blue flickering if the normal background is set to “blue”)

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Therefore I need a “real” gradient background color with custom code because the normal webflow option for gradient background color is just functioning as a overlay which does not work for me when I scroll down fast.

Here is my share only link:

The code you need will look like this:

body{ background: rgb(241,4,214); background: linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(241,4,214,1) 0%, rgba(219,121,0,1) 100%); }

You must put code between style brackets(i wrote them but they don’t show here). Just Google fast to see how they look.
Put it in the embed element and remove the current background to make sure it works correctly.

Hello @LazarM Thank you so much for your answer!!!
Do you maybe have a screenshot of the code so I cant retype it, beacuse I really do not know anything about coding.
Again thank you so much for your answer!!

Sure, It will look like that

Just reminding you to put it in the embed element exactly like that(not color squares).

Wow it works like magic!!
Thank you so much!! :)))

No problem. Would you mind just clicking that this is the solution to your problem(button under my comment)?