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Google Verification code not validating


I want to publish my site but i noticed on the live version there is a text module stock on the bottom (of every page) on my website. And i am unable to remove it, i think i found the source of the origin of the text I’ve pasted this inside the DNS settings (google domains) as a txt setting for the site verification. I’ve now removed this but 24 hours later there is still no change.

This does also not show up in the designer, only on the live site.

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Fix your implementation of that Google Tag.

What do i need to change in this code exactly?
When i remove the entire code the google verification text is gone do.

I suggest you go back and re-read the instructions about how to verify your site. If you inject code via GTM it needs to be valid HTML.

Alright, thank you for now its fixed atleast!