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Google Recaptcha v3

Hi, how to implement Google Recaptcha v3. The editor only has version 2 widget.
Any plans to add Google Recaptcha v3?

Hi @Jamil_Galeev, welcome to the forum and your first post.

Webflow rarely provides information about upcoming features. I can’t remember that every being mentioned on community calls. So i would not count on it anytime soon.

Hello @webdev - can you please let us know why Webflow doesn’t intend installing V3 anytime soon?

@FeliciaForbes - As a community member like you, I have no unique insight into Webflow’s internal decision-making process. I have my list of questions and I would love to get an answer to them as well. We must wait for Webflow to post something to find out.

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Funny thing is I notice that they use V3 on their own website. Go figure.