Google Calender CSS Code Issues

I’m doing a website for a client that uses Google Calendar, although they don’t want the hideous baby blue color that comes along with it, they want me to be able to customize the colors. So I’m wanting to use FullCalender and just use Google Calendar as the “back end”.

Can someone take a look and see what I’m doing wrong here? Specifically on the front page, right hand column and on the calendar page. I’ve tried everything I know how to do, and when I export the site, nothing exists there. Exported site:

Thanks so much!


I’m really curious about this, too. I just can’t find anything that helps and it seems like it would be such a simple kind of hack to just change the styling of the Google Calendar embed. It’s a little beyond my capabilities, but…

Hey @Toupee & @teletuned4

This might help you guys out: :smile:


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Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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