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Google and Instagram Shopping Don't Show Base Price of Product Variations

Dear fellow Webflowers,

For a client, I am integrating their Webflow eCommerce store ( into Instagram and Google Shopping. They sell handmade furniture with different prices for each size. I want the prices to show only the default variant, which I marked as such in Webflow eCommerce. Yet, on Google and Instagram, 90% of the time a higher price variation is shown. Most often 1 or 2 short of the highest price. It’s quite random also.

How do I structure the products in Webflow eCommerce in such a way that Instagram and Google know they should only show the base price? Or is there any other workaround to leave the higher prices out of Google and Instagram? Manually adding the cheaper variations or deleting the higher price variations would be too much of a hassle, I guess.

I would love to hear from you!

^ BT

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