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Google Analytics and Shopify Buy Button Integration!

Hi Everyone!! Has anyone found of fix for using weblow + Shopify buy button integration and being able to track sales via GA?

Right now, I’m halted in the middle of the project that’s set to go live on the 21st because GA can’t track the checkout process since it is hosted elsewhere.

If anyone has a fix for this? Or is the only feasible option using Udesly and transferring the code?

The client uses Apparel Magic as their POS and does not have an integration for it. Seems as though Shopify is really the only one that does AND connect to WF.

Read only link:

Thank you in advance!!

I’ve done cross platform analytics projects before. If you wish to track shopify cart conversions via webflow site, you need to configure multi domain tracking on your GA account.

In shopify settings you need to configure enhanced e-commerce. In your GA settings you also need to enabled enhanced e-commerce. Shopify automatically posts conversion sale events into GA once integration is completed.

Please see:

OR if you have a single webflow site and only using shopify to inject a cart directly in webflow, you need to set up enhanced e-commerce events within webflow:

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Hey Victoria! Did you manage to get a fix on this in the end? :slight_smile:

Hey! No not yet. Our PPC guy has seemed to get a workaround to do the job but it’s a very ‘bandaid’ fix.