Global Style Changes

If I wanted to change the color (or other styles) for a new page within my site to be different from the global colors (used on a home page), how would I best accomplish this?

For example, Home has a black background, About page needs a white background.

I can’t find anything recent on this topic. What I find talks about global but not changing it back to static by page. Please lead me down the right path with this one.

You could, for example
• select the Body element for a page and use the drop-down in the Selector field to give the most common background colour to “Body (All pages)”
• you can then for individual pages apply a custom class name and overwrite that colour for the particular page you’re on (and all other pages that you apply that class to)

Okay, wow. That’s so simple. Having a ‘Doh!’ moment over here.

Thank you!