Global Embed Spotify Player

Hello Everyone,

Recently, I came across a website, that has a spotify embed player that keeps on playing at sticky footer position even if we navigate to other pages. How this can be done in webflow?

Go to this page: Latest Episodes | Gimlet

And play any of the episode, try to navigate to other pages and you will see it doesn’t effect the spotify player.

Thanks for your help.

Gimlet is basically a one page site. When you navigate, it’s using script to load new page content and change the URL history, you’re not actually loading a new page.

Webflow’s design doesn’t directly support that, it uses a standard page load & navigation. But if you’re a developer you could possibly build a similar script-based navigation-and-load solution that pulls content from other pages. It would be tricky, but possible.

If you just want the continuous audio across navigation there may be another way to do this which is to use web workers and manifest.json to essentially create a PWA. However this also isn’t natively supported by Webflow, you’d need to reverse-proxy the site in order to modify the manifest.json.

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Thank you Michael, appreciate it.

Yes, i got to know that its something called Single Page Architecture and is done with soemthing like AJAX.

Would be cool if finsweet can come up with something like this. I am pretty sure they can pull this off.

As a community product, FS primarily focuses on its “attributes” libs which are client-side JS only. A good SPA implementation would require a reverse proxy because you have to control what’s retrieved by the browser and mask the page assembly.

I’ve an architecture completed for it and under consideration by Sygnal’s product team, but there really isn’t a huge demand for this because it’s not a significantly different user experience, just more seamless in the page transitions, potentially at the cost of SEO if it’s not build carefully for robots also.

But what you’re requesting in your post is just the continuous audio piece which should be possible without an SPA/AJAX style site. You just need the web workers and the manifest.json to program that part, the rest should be able to remain a conventional SEO-friendly Webflow-hosted site.

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Thanks Michael for your input. I will take a look into it.

Really appreciate your help.

If you have a client project needing it, hit me up, it would be fun to build.