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Getting grid to respect row height: Min Content?

I’m using the overlapping grid element concept from Webflow university’s grid 2.0 series. It was working ok when I had the images as background images and had set a min height to each entry. But I read the recent update adding Object fit support and the benefit of being able to add Alt tags for accessibility and decided to switch to images. When I do that, the top row of my table is now taller than the content within. I briefly added 3 more rows and expanded the image and description cells to include those and it persistently kept the top row larger than the rest no matter what size setting I use. If I do min 75, max 110 for the row in table editor, it always uses the 110. I can’t use a fixed height because some entries are long and cause it to wrap. I have padding set to maintain an even margin on top/left/bottom, but the only way it works is if I apply a min height to the cell below it so it pushes the top row up and doing that forces some entries to be much larger than necessary. I’ve overcome most of my other issues on my own, but this one stumps me.

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