Get CMS item(s) on a non CMS page with Javascript?

I need to get CMS item by a value with javascript

I am using memberspace so when a user is logged in i can get the memberspace id. In webflow i will have a member collection and all members will have a field memberspaceId populated with the correct memberspace id.

If i am not on the member collection page. but on a course page i want to use data from member CMS webflow on that page without putting in a CMS collection list. So i want to pull the collection data from the logged in member on a non member page with javascript.

How can i do this? If i need to use webflow API i dont want my token to show up in the javascript when someone inspects the page.

Thank you

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Why is it that you don’t want to use a collection list? I can’t think of a way to use CMS data without a collection list or CMS page. If the reason is because you only need js and no visual elements one possibility might be to add the collection list with an embed element with your js code and then set the collection list display to none.