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Get CMS Item ID upon creation of Item?

Hey there,

I’m working on building a social feed, where a user can type something in, and then post it to a feed. Kinda like a feed of tweets.

To do this:
I’ve connected a form (with textarea and submit button) to Zapier. Upon submission of the form, a new live item is created within a collection I’ve created called “New Posts.” (It works, but I have to refresh the page to see the latest post. Perhaps, webflow x firebase firestore through Zapier would be better for this so I can get realtime DB updates, what do you guys think?)

Anyways, I’d also like to incorporate the ability for users to upvote and downvote the post. This would require me to have the item ID for every item created in “New Posts” through Zapier.

My problem is:
After manually retrieving the item ID through postman, I can only add the item ID after the post has been created on the feed. To do that, I have to go back into CMS, and paste the ID into the custom field called “Item ID” for that particular post — This isn’t ideal for a social application because I am not controlling the new items coming in, the upvote/downvote function should just be ready to go.

What I’m curious about:
Is there any possible way for me to auto-populate the custom field, Item ID, with the ID that postman generates, upon creation of the item through Zapier?