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Get a hover effect with this swiper.js

Hi @Siton_Systems

As mentioned before I really like your swiper implementation and use it on many projects. You mentioned to create a new topic for swiper.js related questions, well I have one.

On this new site: I use the swiper on the home section where you see the 3 herbs. Those cards have a hover effect to show the content (with green background). Once you interact with the swiper the hover effect gets broken. Can you help me out.

Preview link: Webflow - Herbachef

Original post: How to integrate Swiper.js 6(Slider/Carousel - mobile touch) & Webflow CMS - #56 by rcapozzi

Weird. Does this happen only in this specific case? -or- also in “hello world” demo overlay. It is hard to answer without changing the attributes one by one (maybe some conflicts related to wb-interactions and swiper).

Nice website by the way :slight_smile:

Hi @Siton_Systems. Yes this happens on the items in the swiper. And as you see only after clicking/dragging the items do not hover any more.

Can I give you anything else to research or do you have any idea how to fix this? Would be really helpful, client is happy but the hover effect + swiper is a requirement so hopefully there we. can set-up a work-around.

Write me in private.
By the way, I think the bug related to webflow interaction.

Also in my test this idea not working well: