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Geolocation intergration

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I would like to know if anyone could help me or point me in the direction that’s need to accomplish this problem im having. Im building a deal site, and I would like to know how to automatically redirect my visitors to a specific collection based on their zip code or url. I simply want a homepage that has a simple button on it and once the user presses that button it takes them to the corresponding collection (city) thats closest to them.

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maybe put a text input box where people can type in their zip/postal code , then use a form GET method.

Then use that querystring to go to a certain dynamic page on your site,

That sounds awesome I would love to do that! How do I accomplish that? I’m not a coder but I am a fast learner!

Would be very interested to know how to do that as well.

Sounds like you need access to the server to configure this. This is advance stuff so you need to hire a backend developer!

Antonio thanks for the reply…is there not an easy way I can simply redirect customers to a specific page based on their location?

Maybe @samliew can help you!

See this stackoverflow thread

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