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Gallery thumbnails nor scrollable on Desktop


I’ve added this Gallery - (click to enter once at the page). Works great on a tablet or phone, just touch/drag to move the icons along, There’s seems to be no way to scroll the icons on a PC or Laptop ,only the left/right arrows move along the icons, nothing seems to scroll them from off page. Also is there anyway to click and drag the icons on a desktop/laptop?


You can, with certain hardware: with a trackpad, two fingers horizontal swipe for scroll, with a magic mouse, two fingers horizontal swipe for scroll, with a tablet, scroll with panoramic, with a wheel mouse, side click on the wheel I guess.

But yeah it’s missing something, a behavior on hover or arrows to navigate I guess.

Hi @pnewest, I think vincent is correct, if there is the right setup, it could work. You can also click to drag a slide from one to the next, that works in the link provided: If you click the black area between the pick and the arrow, click to hold and drag.

Hi Cyberdave and Vincent

Thank you both for your comments.

If I use my Win7 PC I cannot get the thumbnail icons to scroll left or right with any method (click/drag or arrow keys). Works great on a tablet or phone. This feature really needs a mouse click/drag scroll left right on the thumbnails as this is what users will intuitively do. Would this be not be a relevantly simple change to the feature code-wise?


Hi @pnewest, we do not support it yet, but maybe later. I would advise creating a new site, then experimenting and we would love to know if you come up with something new… it helps us all :smile:

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave

I will be changing the Gallery page, but only to split into several galleries so the thumbnails do not exceed the full open window width at desktop level as this is the only workaround available.

Looking forward to the new desktop Lightbox icon functionality in the future.