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Fullpage.js scroll delay


Is there a way to delay the page from scrolling using @Alvaro_Trigo fullpage.js? ideally once the page is scrolled, I need a delay of around 1000ms to let my animations finish and then the page scroll up.

This will only be on the hero, not all pages.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Sure! If you google “fullpage.js delay” you’ll find my answer with an example here:

I hope that serves you well! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! :smile: I did actually come across this, but I was unsure how to implement this into the custom code in Webflow. Maybe I should learn Js first! lol

It definitely requires you to use JS :slight_smile:
But it is as easy as copy pasting into the custom JS panel the content of the onLeave callback and the variables defined before fullPgae.js execution.

However, if you want me to create a custom extension for you to make it as easy as editing a HTML attribute you can ping me at my contact form.

it worked, thank you very much for your help. Really appreciated.

is there a way to get the code to run again once scrolled back up?

That works for any vertical movement.