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Fullpage js parallax - first slide has padding

How to achieve effect from begining of website? It looks like fullpage.js with parallax but first slide is like half way down, how to make it?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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IF someone is interested -
Reverse engineered my self :smiley:


Hey that’s pretty cool! Can you share an edit link so I can see what you did? :wink:

I will! Its just fullpage.js + fixed layer in a back.
To create transition I used image scale interaction and placed inside fullpage.js a absolute full width block to go up when I am scrolling down.
Last step to make fixed header interaction :slight_smile:
I hope you will understand, I took me hours to understand this basic structure :man_facepalming:
Maybe someone will give a better advice.

great start so far. However, I personally stay away from fullpage.js since it’s kind of like “scrolljacking”. What if you just used native Webflow interactions?

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Hey pixelgeek!
I use fullpage.js now to understand a concept of custom js using on webflow. I know that is scrolljacking - it is just for this one project, also I am soooo happy to see sticky function!
After I will finish this one I would like to make something with css sticky.
Waiting for your apoach to make web app design.