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Full width lightbox

Hey guys,

I love this program. Is there a way to create a full width light box? I would light to create one that links to a video. upon clicking the “image” it opens the lightbox to play the video. Thanks

Hi @David_Moore, you may be able to override some element styling on the lightbox with some custom code. However, I’ve made a small demo showing how to create a custom lighbox effect using Webflow interactions that might be helpful:

Page Title: Custom Lightbox

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Great thank you you is there an explanation of how to make the effect or should I look in the settings of the page that you linked to? Thanks

Hi @David_Moore, good question. I want to one-day add some more instructions, but for now, you must look at the demo for the settings.

They are simplified use cases so it should be pretty straightforward, but if you run into any trouble - I’m happy to help :smile: