Freelancers needed asap


I am looking for some awesome freelancers open to work together to rock some projects. I am have been Graphic Designer for over 10 years and I am new to WebFlow. I have a some clients requesting web-design, and since this is not my strength, I normally outsource this complicated parts from other freelancers.

It is taking me more time than what I have anticipated to complete a small project I started and I have a deadline to meet. Anybody open to work on it? I am struggling with connecting everything, the domain (which I have), understanding how the hosting works, making the bottoms work, etc. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Thank you!


Hi Aisha,

I would be glad to help you. I am skilled in Webflow.

Feel free to contact me.


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I’d be happy to assist in anything you need done. I work from home so I have plenty of time, day or night. I’m in Dallas, central time. Shoot me a message on my profile and we can visit on phone.

G.J. Hunter

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Hi Aisha, just sent you a message!

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Hi Aisha,
I am a experienced developer and would be able to help you out on this…
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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Thank you so much everyone!