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☀ Freelance work: Map-based store finder functionality

Hi everyone,

I’m setting up a charity website to be hosted on Webflow. The charity has local Support Groups in different locations throughout the UK, and they require a location map search for their website.

Essentially, something that’s typically called a Store Finder, but they are not keen on using a third-party platform like StoreRocket, Storepoint or similar.

In the first instance I’d need a quote from a freelancer to code this for a Webflow hosted site.

Their current Support Group finder looks like this:

The new finder should allow any part of an address to be entered into the search field, not just a postcode.

As an add-on, a map marking the location of a Support Group should appear on each Support Group’s details page.

Thank you for any responses!


i can surely help, lets talk more on this on skype - live:charles_10661 you can also reach me on
charles L

I’d be keen to hear from someone in Europe or North America.

Hi, did you ever get this solved in Webflow?

Hi @Tobi_Huber
Given the initial cost, the client have decided not to have this custom coded.

Instead, we’ve started using third party platform Nearest! as the store finder solution.

Seems to work well so far :slight_smile:

The good thing is that Nearest! auto-syncs with your Webflow collection, which most other store finder platforms don’t (yet).

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