Free for clone 🎁 Minimalistic Fully-Functional Blog Website by DB

Hello there from Cyprus, Webflow Community! :muscle:t2::heart:

Our team prepared a FULLY functional, stylish animated blog website template. Initially, we planned to sell it on Webflow Templates Marketplace but then decided it would lose its identity without custom code solutions. This is why we made a decision to give it absolutely FREE :gift:.

What’s included in the template:

  • Homepage x 2
  • About page x 2
  • Dynamic Blog post page x 2
  • Top topics pop-up x 2
  • Contacts x 2
  • Search page
  • Style Guide

Fully CMS-ready with dynamic tags system. Learn how to use the template as a PRO on our “Recommended Practices” page: Recommended Practices.

The link to the preview page is here: Minimalistic Fully-Functional Blog Website | Free For Copy 🎉🎁 - Webflow.

Figma design file is available via request to

Feel free to copy and use it in your projects :muscle:t2: Let me know in the topic if you will have any wishes for future free-to-clone stuff. And share your love by clicking “Like :+1:t2:” on the project page.

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Awesome site, thanks for sharing @Alex_butler

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I’m happy that you like it, Pablo :raised_hands:t2: Feel free to use it in your work and let me know if you have any ideas for the future free template that you want to see from us :slightly_smiling_face:

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