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Forms field validation

I really like the way Webflow forms prompt the user if a form field is required and they haven’t entered details. It would be great if the validation could go a step further and validate the email structure without the need to drop in JS code, (i.e., contains the @ and . in the right places), dates are entered correctly and telephone numbers contain only numbers.

Any thoughts on adding?

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Further to this post. I can see that there is an email validation option in the settings panel so, sorry, my mistake. Maybe date validation might be useful too.

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Form fields in Webflow are using the HTML5 input types, and HTML5 doesn’t do date validation.

Thanks for confirming. We can complete secondary date validation via our secure forms service. email is the really useful one, so well done Webflow for including this feature.

Hi @pnewest,
Well, you can use the input pattern attribute to validate some of your date fields.



Hi @maximus
Thanks for the advice. Looks like that will sort the issue.

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