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Formatting Issue - Multi Image Gallery / Collections

Hello everyone!

I am having a bit of trouble with the collection items / multi image gallery formatting. For some reason once I link the photos to the collection, the formatting of these starts messing up, as in the screenshot below. The photos don’t display even in this formatting once the website is published:

Does anyone have any experience and would be able to lend a hand?

You can access the read-only page below:

and the live link:

Any help appreciated!


Hi Michal,

Can you help us out but sharing what the intended formatting is? How do you want it to appear?


Totally forgot to mention. Pinterest style two columns images.

And which page do you need help with?

I am trying to create a multi image collection and display this in a two column masonry style grid.

Hi @bloominghaus,

If you are referencing the images using the background image field, that is your problem. Your collection items have no height or width, so they are staying at their default size. Either drop a div or image inside and give that a set size, or give your collection item a set size.

Let me know if that solves your problem.