Form won't send

Starting today on this newly built landing page:

The form doesn’t send anything, either to the Webflow console or email. Also, it doesn’t redirect to the Success or Error status.

I tried generating a brand new form with no design at all and it does the same thing. So it’s not a designing mistake or configuration… is it because this landing page is on a subdomain? ( ) even on ( ) it doesn’t work…

Anyone have this bug? This has anything to do with the new GDRP?!

Hi @HelpyMedia

Thanks so much for posting.

It looks like this isn’t a bug — the issue is stemming form the custom code in the HTML embed on this page. It appears you are missing a closing style tag: </style>

Once you add that closing tag the form will submit as expected. :slight_smile:

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You are absolutely right! Didn’t even crossed my mind that the can affect the form!

Thank you!!

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