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Form validation not working in Safari with 3rd Party Scripts

You guys should add a note into that page that explains form validation will not work in safari with 3rd party scripts due to a safari issue.

Hi @DFink, thanks for the report, this will need to be investigated, Do you have some example cases where this provided an issue? It is odd because those validations are coming from webflow.js, so the validation like Required Field etc should work. Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave,

I am having the same issue. So. the form validation when you export a website an using php mail script will work in Chrome and not in Safari (iPad and iPhone also).

Example: -> click on the middle item in the section just above Footer with the three round icons.

Hi @bbc2, thanks for the post. I do not have a cause yet for this, however we are still investigating, thanks for your report. I will update once I have further info on this. Cheers, Dave