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Form submit redirect- open in new tab?


I’m trying to have a form submit redirect URL open in a new tab. I used target=_blank but don’t seem to be having any success with that.

Here’s a screenshot

Here’s a read-only link:

And here’s the page in question

Any assistance would be great


Is there a reason that you are using a form instead of a normal button?

Because with a normal button its easy.

Hey Matzinger, yes there is a reason we using the form instead of as button. I know how to open in new tab on a normal button but having trouble with the form submit one even with the target _blank inserted

Has anyone found a solution to this? I am having the same issue.

We are having users submit an email to receive a PDF but I want the PDF to open in a new tab.

I have tried to add a custom attribute target=_blank and that did not work.


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