Form submission using our own custom script


we need to handle a form submission using our own custom script. We discovered that your webflow.js script binds submit events of all forms automatically. How can we either (i) disable these automatic bindings on our site (and eventually enable it on specific forms only if there is such a need) or (ii) disable them on specific forms we prefer to handle ourself? Unfortunately, we found not official way how to do it neither in the product nor in the docs.

We only found Customizing Form Submit Action which suggests a hack that we consider dangerous as it might cause a hard-to-debug side effect if another script we would ask to bind forms happens to run before this hack.



I’m not too clear as to why this would be considered dangerous. It’s a legit way to capture form submit with JS even outside of Webflow.

I do this often with success.

If you have other form on your site, do this at the page level and give your form a unique name for the page that it’s on to avoid collisions.

It’s a fairly standard approach.