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Form option field with collection items

Hello, I have a country codes collection (AL, AM, AS…) which I would like to create a select field for. Is that possible?

For a list of countries (Veryyyyyyyyyy long) - its easier to put embed code inside the form.

Step 1 - create a form

Step 2 - copy-paste select code inside webflow embed-code element


Search on google for update list (by country of country code).

Example: Option select list of countries and country codes - :

(You find the “value” under form submission data (setting --> forms)).

Step 3

Add “name” (Name = table col heading under form submission data).


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Thank you @Siton_Systems for the descriptive answer! this is exactly what I did, but I can’t put more then 10000 characters inside the embed component

@Naama - If you remove all the white-space and carriage returns that would be 9555 characters.

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Thanks so much @webdev!