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Form input placeholder doesn't work in IE9

Continuing the discussion from Form field not populating or able to be typed in:

Just moving this to a new topic. IE9 currently doesn’t support the placeholder attribute, and needs a polyfill. We’re looking into possibly integrating

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@callmevlad - this will be welcome, I discovered it quite by accident when I pushed out a quick sign up site that relied on the internal labels and heard from a user that they didn’t know what fields where what. I don’t know how many others just bailed out before I got that feedback and added labels.

We just pushed a fix for this bug. The fix consists of including Placeholders.js conditionally for IE 6-9.

In order to apply this to your site, you should unpublish your site and re-publish it. This will make sure that the polyfill script is included in every page of the site.


Great work, thanks :smile:

Thanks …It is working for me. :thumbsup: