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Form field fill color

I selected my text field and gave a custom class, then assigned a background color.
However, I would like that background color to globally apply to all the fields within this form.

I am going through and selecting each field and applying that same custom class name from the drop down list of classes.

Can I be certain this does not affect or negatively impact the input settings for that data field?
Just want to be sure. When I check the settings of each - it appears that the data name for the field is holding OK.

Just wanted re-assurance / confirmation on that?

Thank you.

Styles will only affect the look of the form fields, it will not affect anything else. The input settings are set independently in the settings pane of each field. You can test your form on the subdomain and see how it comes out by putting in your email for testing. I always test my forms before giving to a client.

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