Form does not submit - Recaptcha enabled but not added to form

Hi everyone!

I’ve created this website recently and I’m loving the result.
But I can’t get forms to work. I didn’t change any configs (besides configuring the obvious form configurations in Project Settings).

I’ve already tried to recreate the form and didn’t work.

Here is my Share Link:

And this is the website published link:

Hi @leandrini, thanks for getting in touch. I checked and tested a bit on this, and it seems that the site has reCaptcha enabled, but the reCaptcha element is not added to your site page.

You will get his message when you add and enable the recaptcha:

I would first disable the recaptcha then republish and check if the form submits. If it does, then go ahead and add the recaptcha element to your page when you renable that:

I hope this helps

Thank you very much, @cyberdave!
I tuned off reCaptcha everything is working fine!

Thank you!

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