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Form action url problem ( SUPPORT FIXED ISSUE ) - closed

Hey this am while finishing up a new website rebuild into Webflow I am having a problem with the Action box on the forms element taking a valid URL ref - has worked up to now on 35 other sites, was working last week, I tested the problem on another site I am building after adding a raw form element and it replicates there too … wondering if any one else can check this out and let me know if it is universal today?

I use my own servers to host and send email - ie not the Webflow server system

In the screen shot you will notice I get a red outline on the box … if it was working correctly and accepted it would be blue - I have tried any and all combinations and other valid url’s and still get the red box error, if I try the form live it does not go to the server file but defaults into webflow’s form system …