Footer won't stick to tbottom

I have a problem with the footer sometimes floating up into the page and over the top of images. This seems to only happen on my portfolio pages. Example: Life on the Lake

This only happens on certain computers. I have tried everything to pin my footer to the bottom of the page and can’t figure out why it does it on some pages and not others.

Here is the Read-only link: Webflow - Calvin Landscape

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hiya, looks like Section 21 is set to position: fixed.

If you remove that, it should stop the problem :blush:

Thank you Gordon. If it is not fixed, what should it be? This morning, I tried changing that to absolute, relative, sticky… it did not seem to change anything.

So it doesn’t actually need any specific positioning applied, as it’s the last element in your document order shown in the navigator here:

Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 16.17.11

The way things are ordered in the navigator dictates the order the same things appear on your page, if that makes sense?

So in this case, the navigation bar is at the top, followed by the first section which has your main content, and then Section 21 that has your footer.

How do I choose none? By default, it seems to go to static and gives the options for static, absolute, relative, and sticky.

I have changed it to static and if you go to the published page, you can see what happens. It looks fine on all breakpoints except the 1920 one.

Sorry that wasn’t very clear. Yeah if you default it back to static, that’ll do it.

On closer inspection, it looks like your grid has a max height of 100px:
Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 17.09.30

If you remove that max height (just alt-click the blue “Max H” text), that should help:
Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 17.09.40

I’ve also spotted you have a few empty extra rows and an area (Area-2) in your grid. If you remove those, that might help too:
Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 17.09.03

Hopefully that does the trick, I’m still new to Webflow myself!

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Thank you Gordon. Which page did you take this grid screenshot from?