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Footer Overlap Issue

Hey, I was wondering if someone could offer me a little advice on an issue I’m having with my footer on my data collection “projects” page.

At around 1900 px wide the footer starts to over lap the content and there is a white space below it, I know why it’s happening but I’m not sure how to fix it!

I’m wondering is there a better way to organise the elements on the device block section to stop this happening? or any other fix really.

Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @MartinWhitt,

From what I can see in your read-only link, it is hard to understand what issue do you mean.
Could you be more specific? Maybe show us some screenshots with explanation what exactly overlap you mean.


I wasn’t able to find an over lapping problem in the Read Only Link for the Footer when I tried out different sizes of the browser.

Hi guys, so sorry I’ve only just seen these replies. I figured out a different way to do it and so it’s no longer an issue.

Sorry about that!

That’s fine. Glad that you found the issue. :wink::blush:

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