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Fontawesome 5 svg + js

Hi! I’d like to start using fontawesome 5 pro with webflow, preferably the svg + js version as described

To make this work I need to upload a JS file which doesn’t work within the “Assets” part of webflow.

Any solutions to make this happen within Webflow? Or do I need to host tje js file on another server?

Hi @guido

I think you don’t necessary have to download the js file, but simply add the script to Font Awesome CDN into the <head> of your site (or of your page if you don’t use Font awesome in every pages).

<script defer src=""></script>

You can then use Font Awesome icons, copy/paste it from

Make sure to read this if you want to use SVG with JS, it is very well explained.

All the best

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Wait. I thought there was no cdn for font awesome 5 yet? At least that is what the email said. Where did you get that cdn link?

edit: nevermind it’s font awesome pro 5 that doesn’t have a cdn link yet.

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I have Fontawesome Pro, that one doesn’t have the CDN (yet) so that doesn’t work unfortunately :slight_smile:

You know, I’d love to get this figured out once and for all. :slight_smile:
I also have FA 5 PRO license. So, I successfully have got FA to work within webflow using another tutorial.
That of, uploading the FA webfont files, and then placing the icon as a glyph, and choosing FA style from the FONT panel… This isn’t ideal as I have to get the glyphs instead of just my normal fa-user, fa-alarm-clock etc… which for those that use it, you have it in memory.

I have also linked the FA CDN, but there is nothing that I can do to make it work.

Anyone have any luck?

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