Font Weights in Figma vs in Webflow: How to switch „normal“ and „regular”?

Hey all, I attended to use the Figma to Webflow-Plugin for faster building my websites AND without manually editing colors and fonts.
So what happened was:

  1. First installed the fonts for my webpage in Webflow manually (Branch, Castro and Sofia Pro).
  2. When I wanted to install “SofiaPro Regular” it says this in Webflow
    But in Figma there is no “Normal” but just “regular”
    If I use the F2W-Plugin it doesn’t recognize the “normal” font type and changes my design to the fallback option. That leads to a lot of manual work in Webflow, changing the fonts manually.
    So have you any idea to solve this? Or is there a tool which lets me change the Font Weight name from “Regular” to “Normal”?
    Thanks for helping me :blush:

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