Font and pages not showing up properly

Major problem here that seems to have suddenly come on with no explanation. The site was working fine but it’s got major issues.

First off, pages are no longer loading properly. Second, the fonts look great in designer but when viewing live online, they are all smaller. If anyone has time to have a look, I’d appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Page looks the same for me inside designer and viewing published link. Since your links are manual instead of being selected from the list of existing links it may be that these addresses are incorrect.

Thank you Dram. It wasnt showing up properly on chrome on my laptop but fine on safari and on chrome on a different computer.

The real issue now is that things are still not displaying properly on different sized viewports.

I think your zoom is set to something other than 100% for that particular instance of chrome. Try resetting it.

Can you be more specific?

I just mean that on the computer the site shows up ok but on different phone sizes for example, it does not.

Can you be more specific? What does not show up on mobiles?