Flip Card Animation Glitch

I am trying to create a horizontal flip card but I can’t seem to get the animation to be smooth. I am not sure where to go from what I currently have. Here is a link to what is currently happening. Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!

Here is my read-only share link: LINK
Here is the Webflow.io link: LINK

Instead of hiding the previous cards right away, try making the opacity 0%. Looks smother and gets rid of a bit of the lankiness.

So that definitely makes a difference but I still have a small glitch from when the hide/show is being done. I’m not sure how else to hide them. I tried rotating at them out of view but that causing them to be positioned incorrectly.

Don’t hide/show at the same time as setting the opacity, it almost defeats the purpose because you won’t notice the opacity changing. As far as your current glitch i’m having trouble recreating it.