Flexchild linkblock image wrapper issue

Hey Folks,

Can someone help me with this issue; here is a link to my design. The issue I have is the image “disappears” when I wrap the logos with link-blocks - I think this is because the link-block becomes the flex child, and the image is then not controlled by some setting I’m missing.

The only thing I found worked was putting a fixed size into the image itself, but then this started to act up when I switched to mobile portrait.

Is there a way to have the logos act just like they do before I wrap them? What am I missing here ?




Set the link blocks to grow if possible.

It works partially, the logo is still smaller than before and when you switch to mobile portrait the display is broken as before


Logo the logo’s don’t wrap anymore in the container even though it’s set to child wrap, it now shrinks the logos to fit in the available container space.