Flexboxes or not? What's your view?

I ask because they don’t work in IE and that means anyone on Windows 7. (Because W7 can’t run MS Edge)
I checked Analytics for my site and this only means 1.6% of my clients can’t see flexboxes correctly, so my view is fcuk 'em!
Am I being irresponsible here?

Flexbox all the way… That 1.6% needs to update their browser. Anything that is not supported by provider (Mozilla, Google, Apple, Microsoft) is not supported by me :slight_smile:

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To me, this about sums it up.

So does this.


Cool, that confirms it. From now on I shall tell my customers my websites work on 98.4% of browsers.:+1:

(PS flexboxes don’t work on mobiles running early OSs either.)


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