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Flexbox vs Columns?

Flexboxes look awesome. I’m wondering when is it better to use Flexbox and when is it better to use Columns? Another question is does Flexbox pretty much negate the need for Columns?

Thank you

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Flexbox it’s great, you ca use it to create a split section, center a div, equal height columns but I don’t use it to create complete layout websites! because your layout can break on some browsers!

It’s just IE

Any other comments? …Thank you

@samliew @bpark73 desktop browsers has a well support for flexbox, the problem comes for mobile devices running older versions of android.

I use flexbox a lot when I’m laying out smaller pieces of a website, like a button with an icon, or a ‘card’ with an image and some text and a button. It’s way easier than trying to float things or use tiny columns.

I like columns when I want 4 columns to break into two rows of two. I know flexbox can do this, but I just like how the columns take care of it for me.

Re: IE - I’ve found that the most reliable way to fix anything that breaks in flex is to keep an eye on the flex property. If something is breaking on IE, I check that first. This means occasionally manually setting what’s already the default for the flex value, basically making the grey values blue.

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