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Flexbox Stacking Order Messed Up

Hello all…! Working on creating a 50/50 yin yang (back and forth, give take) layout right now with flexbox, but I can’t figure out how to stack things on mobile… it’s probably going to be easier for somebody just to go to the read only link and see how my containers are set up rather than for me to explain it:

Here is the page that I am trying to tweak and perfect… :

I basically would like to switch the order of the SECOND section (where there is text on the right and picture on the left) on mobile layouts (basically because I don’t want the images and sections to double up and repeat)… should be content then picture, content then picture if that makes sense.

Another note: I can see the options to rearrange the order of the items in the flexbox that is inside (containing the text and spacing it in the middle vertically and horizontally)… but I definitely can’t see it when I hit the parent element of my main blocks… so I know this exists…