Flexbox not functioning on mobile

Any ideas?

Hello @Cricitem

Can you share your read only link please?

Unfortunately I can’t. This is for my company and there is a lot of info within the project.

In short, flexbox is working properly on desktop and tablet. It does this in both mobile layouts.

Check the width of your elements and the padding as well sometimes those settings affect flexbox display.

I already have. In the example you can see one column is 40% and the other is 25%. There is plenty of room.

Even if there wasn’t, I should be able to align them left or center. The controls do nothing at all.

If you’re not using the other column you can hide it from those views and that can help as well.

Yes I know how to use all of the functions.

I ended up just deleting the element and starting over and now it’s fine. It sure seems like when I’m using webflow sometimes an element will get bugged like this and there’s just nothing to do but delete it and recreate it in the exact same way, then it’s fine.


@Cricitem - I just ran into the same problem. Flexbox just wouldn’t work on the mobile version of my site. I also had to delete the entire section and restart - it works fine now.

Weird problem.

Hi there @Chavilah and @Cricitem. That sounds odd behavior for sure.

I attempted to reproduce the behavior of Flexbox not working on mobile breakpoints but was unable to do so.

But it sounds like both issues have been resolved. If you encounter this issue again, can you please post the steps to reproduce the behavior?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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It is 100% unpredictable. Like I said above, I just created an element and flexbox on mobile would not work on it. I deleted the element and basically just created it again and flexbox on mobile was fixed.

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