Flex layout only works on Chrome

Hi Webflow community :wave:

I’m having an annoying issue that I’ve read here before but it was posted a few years ago and back then no solution was found.

On my blog, I have the articles stacked on Flex layout and with Wrap children ticked. It works fine on the Chrome browser, but when people visit on the Safari browser, it’s a mess. I’ve tried everything I possibly can, hence I’m coming to the community for some assistance.

Here’s what I mean, Safari:

And here’s the chrome:

What are your thoughts on this?

Many thanks :pray:

Hi @walves

There is a known issue on how IOS renders Flexbox, therefore you can experience some layout inconsistencies with Safari.

To fix this issue, I’d suggest opening the Webflow Designer in Safari and apply the changes directly, using this browser.

This way you’ll make sure that to correct any issues while designing and prevent odd Flexbox rendering for IOS devices.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Can you share that project link :slight_smile:
Ill take a look

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Hi Nita,

Temos o mesmo surname ‘Alves’ :smile: e somos da mesma cidade!

Thank you for the reply, I’ve been doing that now actually and still not able to change the flex layout :confused:



Thanks :+1:

Hi Thomas, any luck?

Thanks :pray:

HI @walves,

So nice to find a Portuguese user from the same city and with the same surname - What are the odds!?! :grin:

Are you still facing this issue? I took another look into your site and seems that you decided to follow another approach and use columns instead?

Let me know if you still need help with this issue.

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