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Fixing background videos, how?

Hi there!

I just want to let a background video (new feature) fixed in scroll, like it can be done with pictures, but picts show an option to do it… how can I do the same with a video?

Thanks a lot.


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Hi @eccecello

Try settings your background video element to have a position set to absolute or fixed.

Hope this helps with your design goals :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your reply!! But I tried those ones, and everything became a mess… the wide and height, the index property… everything had to be adjusted manually, and it was getting worse and worse…

I hope webflow would allow to make it as simple as with the background image…

yes. CSS is kinda of finicky. But when you learn how to master it, you’ll see that having to do something manually just gives you so much more control over your design.

Keep learning and you’ll get there :wink:

Yep! Thanks again, but I’m using webflow, because I wanted to run my own website with my music… but keeping the focus on my music… it’s been 10 years working with basic CSS (wordpress before webflow), and noway… so I’d better keep focus on music, and wait for these guys to make it easy as with background pitcs, it makes sense! Doesn’t it?

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