Fixed Section Scroll

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you knew how to make something scroll over the top of another section.

You see (A) first, fixed at the top. Then when you scroll I want to have (B) scroll over the top of it? Any ideas?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Here’s a cloneable demo I made a while back:


that is superb ^

thank you very much :slight_smile:

Small question… in my example, I have my top section at around 95% VH.

How do I make it work when the section is not completely fixed 100% as your example is?



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@philippe - out-of-topic - How you create those gifs (Software). Thanks.

Cloudapp :

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great stuff - thanks!

Thank you! I was having trouble getting my text/button on top of my background to stay behind my ensuing sections. My mistake was not setting the sections to ‘relative’ from ‘static’ as you did in your demo (and I couldn’t find ANYTHING in university for this. Little settings are so critical!

Did you ever figure out how to handle the ‘jumpiness’ in mobile browsers that come from the navigation and tab bars disappearing and reappearing that works for all mobile screensizes? causes the fixed stuff to move up and down slightly vs stay fully put…