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Fixed menu - disable scroll


I m trying to do a fixed menu but i want to avoid page scroll on mobile version behind menu because item at bottom of menu are not reachable.

Normally if i check in option disable scroll offset when fixed, it should be ok but it doesn’t work.
I have read we need to put navbar at the top, i have do that but it still scrolling.

What is wrong with this option?

The only way to resolve is to remove fixed position on mobile but it’s not a goog way because navbar will be not reachable when we scroll

Thanks for your help

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Wait, so do you want to disable the page scroll or enable scrolling of the menu? If the goal is to enable menu scrolling, you can just apply scrollbars auto to the menu container so that it’ll auto create them when the content is longer.


You apply an auto scroll on wich container? on the navabar, it doesn’t work and on container of menu (in my project Nav menu) no more
The goal is when we have for example a long menu in landscape mobile, to can scroll in the open menu to access to last items
Normally the function disable scroll do that?


This should help [TUTORIAL] Make mobile menu SCROLLABLE

thanks it works for me with 80 vh
but why the option disable scroll offset when fixed doesn’t work without hack?
a scrollbar in a menu is not very beautiful

Thanks to all

I would like to help but I really don’t understand the issue. Are you saying, when you open the navigation the user is able to scroll on the page and then when you close the nav they are on a different section from when they opened the nav?


When you open the menu on mobile in landscape mode, the menu is longer than window
We can’t access at the bottom of menu without add the hack (add a height on nav menu)
Normally there is an option to disable the scroll of page when menu is fixed to make an open menu scrollable


so what I’ve done is set the height to auto, or are you saying you want the menu to cover the entire screen?

Are you saying, you’d like the menu to open and while its open the user is prevented from scrolling…while it’s open?

If this is what you’re asking for, I would suggest adding an interaction on icon click. The interaction will hide the entire page and on second click it’ll reveal the page. Try it out and let me know if this is suitable.

Just to mention, i’ve not seen this function on any website, not to say its impossible (anything is possible with webflow) bcus its a div inside a div and not the page. THE ONLY WAY (is essex) to do this is to find a way of selecting fixed position on BODY on first click and then what ever it was set to before fixed.


I dont want avoid scroll of page but i want a usable menu :wink:
It’s the same problem if you do a fixed menu on right side for example
in landscape mode you can’t access to itms at bottom
It s explained here
[TUTORIAL] Make mobile menu SCROLLABLE
But you have right with a scroll in menu it’s ok and i can use interaction to hide other section when we scroll into the menu (like that